Vehicle Overview

When your planning a special event or need corporate transportation, a limousine will be your best bet. If you want to ensure your ride is luxurious, be sure to book this 6 passenger limo.

6 Passengers Mini Bar No Smoking
Premium Leather Seating Mood Lighting
Ambient Fiber Optic Lighting TV/DVD
Premium Sound System Full Insured

Advantage Limo & Coach wants you to have the very best time possible while in our vehicles but you must follow not only our rules, but the law. Clients and guest understand, agree to no smoking, use of drugs, or any other illegal substance, and underage consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited. The client is responsible his/her guests in every regard to our rental agreement. The client assumes full financial responsibility for any articles left in the vehicle at any time. Our drivers may terminate the charter without refund should he/she deem the client or party unruly or violating safe operation of the vehicle. Under no circumstances are items permitted to be thrown from the vehicle or out of the windows. Fighting is strictly prohibited in the vehicle or at the destination. We reserve the right to dismiss anyone from the vehicle at any time for inappropriate behavior at the driver’s discretion.

Advantage Limo & Coach’s vehicles are commercially licensed, insured, and completely legal for your safety. Ohio law requires commercial liability insurance for legal operation of a bus and an annual inspection by the Ohio Highway Patrol. According to Ohio Motor Carrier Enforcement, “party buses” are the only commercially licensed buses permitted to have alcoholic beverages on board as long the driver is not consuming and does not have access to the beverages. Do not take the chance of drinking and driving. “Come Ride With Us”!